Corsendonk Viane

2300 Turnhout
6 tot 480 persons
7 halls

Extraordinary hospitality in the heart of the Antwerp Campine Region!
Hotel Corsendonk Viane is located in the heart of Turnhout, on a walking distance of the market square. The hotel opened its doors in 1991, on the rising demand of regional companies. Because of its central location on the central axis Turnhout – Eindhoven, its great accessibility and its large parking lot, it is the perfect place to organise your events and business stays.

The hotel has got 84 hotel rooms, each provided with marvelous comfort. The hotel is also equipped with a cosy, completely renovated lounge.

  • Conference
  • Event
  • Meeting Room
Location type
  • Hotel
  • Air conditioning
  • Private Parking
  • Overnight
  • Room service
  • WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • City Center


Corsendonk Viane is the perfect place for company events or business stays thanks to its central position between Turnhout, Antwerp and Eindhoven. Everyone can get to his destination without any difficulty.

This congress centre offers 7 multifunctional rooms with several possible layouts.
Six of these rooms can be converted into a bigger space by moveable walls.
The seven conference halls, if not combined, suitable for groups from 6 to 50 people. Furthermore we also dispose of a meeting room provided with bar facilities, namely the Foyer.
These conference rooms in combination, can hold up to 300 (meetings) to 480 (reception) people.

If you wish, our technical department can always help you with an elaborate supply of audiovisual tools. Our conference halls are also equipped with free Wi-Fi.


Whether it’s a staff function, a company celebration, a product presentation or a new year’s reception, we will help you, your colleagues and your clients to make your celebration unforgettable!

There is a myriad of possibilities. Our team is specialized in an enthusiastic welcome and service. They will also treat you with their culinary delicacies. You can choose an all-in service which includes drinks and dinner. Afterwards you can end the night with an amazing dance party.

We also offer to stay in one of our comfortable hotel rooms after the feast. It’s a great end to your feast, to have breakfast in the morning and talk about the fantastic party.

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