2000 Antwerpen
150 tot 1500 persons
4 halls

The Stuurboord Hangar 26 is a thousand nautical miles away from the constraints that sometimes apply to more conventional venues. The main hall holds up to 1,500 people, but can be adapted to any event thanks to its versatility. The Stuurboord (the name means ‘Starboard’) is close to the city centre and offers a unique view of the Scheldt and the port of Antwerp. With its adjoining rooms, large terrace and well-equipped kitchens, the Stuurboord is the perfect place to hold your event. Large private car park.

  • Conference
  • Event
  • Meeting Room
Location type
  • Industrial
  • Blackbox
  • Air conditioning
  • Private Parking
  • WiFi
  • Catering Service
  • Free high-speed Internet
  • Near motorway
  • Airport
  • Ringroad
  • City Center
  • Waterside


The Stuurboord Hangar 26 adapts its rooms to the number of participants and offers professional assistance and advice. Seminar and leisure facilities are combined to make a success of your event. Ample parking.


The Stuurboord Hangar 26 can accommodate up to 600 conference delegates throughout their stay in Antwerp. The modularity of the rooms and an experienced organisational team ensure the success of your event. Ample private parking.


The Stuurboord Hangar 26 is an original and functional venue for private or corporate events. With professional advice, there need be no thematic limitations or technical constraints on your event. Ample private parking.

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