The First - Cityworkers

2000 Antwerpen
2 tot 65 persons
2 halls

This authentic building, with a façade of 12 meters, is located in the heart of historical Antwerp, close to the Schelde.
A total renovation gave the ground and first floor a modern, clean and open atmosphere. All with specific attention for the existing authentic elements. The basement with barrel vault was transformed to a white and cool space with an industrial touch. The First is the real eyecatcher, with its height of moreover than 5 meters, authentic wooden trusses, whitewashed walls and a metal stairs. On top of that, the interior is warm and cosy. With her 2 bed- and bathrooms, fully installed kitchen and sunny terrace, The First is also a great place to stay the night.

  • Conference
  • Event
  • Meeting Room
Location type
  • Mansion
  • Air conditioning
  • Overnight
  • City Center
  • Near motorway
  • Ringroad
  • Waterside


Whether you prefer an informal or rather formal atmosphere, we can offer you both. A beamer and flipchart are provided, as well as a separated space to have lunch or coffee.


This exclusive property offers a multifunctional use: leisure, exposition, workshop, meeting, photoshoot, showroom, press event, product launch,…

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